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Ball Joints

3 Products

Rear Upper Control Arm

One Suspension Control Arm
Depth:608 mm23.9 in
Length:80 mm3.1 in
Width:608 mm23.9 in
Weight:7.35 kg16.2 lbs
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Rear Upper Control Arm Pair 2 Pieces Fits Driver and Passenger side

Two Suspension Control Arms
Depth:660 mm26 in
Length:660 mm26 in
Width:300 mm11.8 in
Weight:14.7 kg32.3 lbs
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SKU: # CK749PR
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Front Right Upper Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly

One Suspension Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly

AutoShack control arms are made from high strength steel with solid plate mounting brackets for superior strength. All control arms are anti-corrosion treated for extended life and will meet and exceed your expectations for both performance and price.
Depth:330 mm13 in
Length:100 mm3.9 in
Width:275 mm10.8 in
Weight:1.42 kg3.1 lbs
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SKU: # CAK100199
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