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Front New Brake Calipers with Bracket Set of 2 Driver and Passenger Side

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RamProMaster 15002014
RamProMaster 15002015
RamProMaster 15002016
RamProMaster 15002017
RamProMaster 15002018
RamProMaster 15002019
RamProMaster 15002020
RamProMaster 15002021
RamProMaster 15002022
RamProMaster 25002014
RamProMaster 25002015
RamProMaster 25002016
RamProMaster 25002017
RamProMaster 25002018
RamProMaster 25002019
RamProMaster 25002020
RamProMaster 25002021
RamProMaster 25002022
RamProMaster 35002014
RamProMaster 35002015
RamProMaster 35002016
RamProMaster 35002017
RamProMaster 35002018
RamProMaster 35002019
RamProMaster 35002020
RamProMaster 35002021
RamProMaster 35002022

Brake Calipers

Distributed by AutoShack

  • ISO / IATF 16949 certified, direct fit and made from high quality materials to meet orginal specifications
  • Well-lubricated guide pins reduce unnecessary wear and prevent squeaky braking
  • Pressure tested and quality inspected to gaurentee a strong, reliable caliper

Brake calipers are a vital component of your vehicle's brake system. Calipers are responsible for slowing your vehicle, which they do by squeezing the brake pads against the rotors. A seized or compromised caliper can cause your vehicle to pull to one side, increase your vehicle's stopping distance, or even cause you to lose brake function.

Calipers should always be replaced in pairs (Passenger and Driver). This reduces the overall time required to replace two Calipers at different times.

Please note product bundle will ship in multiple packages with separate individual tracking numbers.

Professional Installation is Highly Recommended.

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