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Front Shock Absorbers Set of 2 Driver and Passenger Side

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Compressed Length in mm:251
Extended Length in mm:371
Travel Length:121
Strut Surface Finish:Rust Protected
Strut Gas Charged:Yes
Strut Color:Black
Strut Compressed Bumper Stop:No
Strut Extended Bumper Stop:Yes
Strut Dust Shield Included:Yes
Strut Design:Twin-Tube
Strut Upper Mount Type:Stem Mount - 2.3/8" Stem Length X 3/8"-16 Thread Pitch
Strut Lower Mount Type:Loop Bushing Mount - 5/8" Bushing ID X 1.5/16" Bushing OAL
Strut Reserve Tube Diameter (mm):1.97 in / 50 mm
Strut Included Hardware:No
Strut Greasable or Sealed:Sealed
Strut Adjustable:No
Strut Mounting Hardware:Not Included
Strut Material:Steel
California Proposition 65:Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
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FordE-250 Econoline1992
FordE-250 Econoline1993
FordE-250 Econoline1994
FordE-250 Econoline1995
FordE-250 Econoline1996
FordE-250 Econoline1997
FordE-250 Econoline1998
FordE-250 Econoline1999
FordE-250 Econoline2000
FordE-250 Econoline2001
FordE-250 Econoline2002
FordE-350 Club Wagon2003
FordE-350 Club Wagon2004
FordE-350 Club Wagon2005
FordE-350 Econoline1992
FordE-350 Econoline1993
FordE-350 Econoline1994
FordE-350 Econoline1995
FordE-350 Econoline1996
FordE-350 Econoline1997
FordE-350 Econoline1998
FordE-350 Econoline Club Wagon1992
FordE-350 Econoline Club Wagon1993
FordE-350 Econoline Club Wagon1994
FordE-350 Econoline Club Wagon1995
FordE-350 Econoline Club Wagon1996
FordE-350 Econoline Club Wagon1997
FordE-350 Econoline Club Wagon1998
FordE-350 Econoline Club Wagon1999
FordE-350 Econoline Club Wagon2000
FordE-350 Econoline Club Wagon2001
FordE-350 Econoline Club Wagon2002
FordE-350 Super Duty1999
FordE-350 Super Duty2000
FordE-350 Super Duty2001
FordE-350 Super Duty2002
FordE-350 Super Duty2003
FordE-350 Super Duty2004
FordE-350 Super Duty2005
FordE-350 Super Duty2006
FordE-350 Super Duty2007
FordE-350 Super Duty2008
FordE-350 Super Duty2009
FordE-350 Super Duty2010
FordE-350 Super Duty2011
FordE-350 Super Duty2012
FordE-350 Super Duty2013
FordE-350 Super Duty2014
FordE-350 Super Duty2015
FordE-350 Super Duty2016
FordE-350 Super Duty2017
FordE-350 Super Duty2018
FordE-350 Super Duty2019
FordE-350 Super Duty2021
FordE-350 Super Duty2022
FordE-350 Super Duty2023
FordE-450 Econoline Super Duty1999
FordE-450 Econoline Super Duty2000
FordE-450 Econoline Super Duty2001
FordE-450 Econoline Super Duty2002
FordE-450 Super Duty2003
FordE-450 Super Duty2004
FordE-450 Super Duty2005
FordE-450 Super Duty2006
FordE-450 Super Duty2007
FordE-450 Super Duty2008
FordE-450 Super Duty2009
FordE-450 Super Duty2010
FordE-450 Super Duty2011
FordE-450 Super Duty2012
FordE-450 Super Duty2013
FordE-450 Super Duty2014
FordE-450 Super Duty2015
FordE-450 Super Duty2016
FordE-450 Super Duty2017
FordE-450 Super Duty2018
FordE-450 Super Duty2019
FordE-450 Super Duty2021
FordE-450 Super Duty2022
FordE-450 Super Duty2023
FordEconoline Super Duty1996
FordEconoline Super Duty1997
FordEconoline Super Duty1998
FordEconoline Super Duty1999

Shock Absorbers

Distributed by AutoShack
  • ISO / IATF 16949 certified, direct fit and made from high quality materials to meet orginal specifications
  • Coated with an anti-corrosion finish to provide a longer life
  • All-weather fluid inside the shock works against the piston to resist the up and down forces of suspension
  • Each shock is nitrogen gas charged to reduce oil foaming during high-speed damping and maintain performance
  • Designed to fit your specific vehicle - no modification required

Shocks are responsible for a vehicle's stability during velocity changes. Replacing damaged shocks can result in more vehicular control, handling, and stopping distance. Additionally, new shocks can extend the life of your tires.

Shocks should always be replaced in pairs (front and rear). This reduces the overall time required to replace two shocks at different times. In most cases, when one shock fails, the other is close behind.

Please note product bundle will ship in multiple packages with separate individual tracking numbers.

Professional Installation is Highly Recommended.

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