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Front Ceramic Brake Pads Kit Driver or Passenger Side

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FordF-250 Super Duty2013
FordF-250 Super Duty2014
FordF-250 Super Duty2015
FordF-250 Super Duty2016
FordF-250 Super Duty2017
FordF-250 Super Duty2018
FordF-250 Super Duty2019
FordF-250 Super Duty2020
FordF-250 Super Duty2021
FordF-250 Super Duty2022
FordF-250 Super Duty2023
FordF-350 Super Duty2013
FordF-350 Super Duty2014
FordF-350 Super Duty2015
FordF-350 Super Duty2016
FordF-350 Super Duty2017
FordF-350 Super Duty2018
FordF-350 Super Duty2019
FordF-350 Super Duty2020
FordF-350 Super Duty2021
FordF-350 Super Duty2022
FordF-350 Super Duty2023
FordF-450 Super Duty2013
FordF-450 Super Duty2014
FordF-450 Super Duty2015
FordF-450 Super Duty2016

Ceramic Brake Pads

Distributed by AutoShack
  • ISO / IATF 16949 Certified, direct fit and made from high quality materials to meet orginal specifications
  • Ceramic brake pads produce less noise and dust than metallic pads
  • Shims reduce noise and vibration
  • Chamfered and Slotted to prevent heat expansion cracks and to further reduce brake noise

Disc brake pads are essential to your vehicle's braking system. Over time, brake pads become thinner from frequent use. Worn down brake pads can cause damage to your brake rotors and lead to a loss in your vehicle's stopping power, putting you at risk.

Professional Installation is Highly Recommended.

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