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Buying the Right Part

At AutoShack, we take pride in getting you the right part for your vehicle. With today's modern vehicles, buying and installing auto parts can be a difficult process. That is why we have Professional Customer Service Specialists and helpful search tools to guide you through the purchasing process. While we always do our best to ensure we provide you with accurate and up-to-date part information, human and/or software errors can sometimes occur. These errors may cause incorrect parts to be displayed as the result of a parts search.

For these reasons and more, you must always do, at a minimum, the following 3 steps to help ensure that the part you buy is the correct one for your vehicle repair project.

  • Make sure ALL of the vehicle information you provide is correct. This includes the vehicles you define and any questions that you may answer on our web site. Read and understand ALL of the informational checkmarks listed with each part. If there are codes or statements that do not match your vehicle, do not buy the part. If there is information you do not understand, contact one of our Customer Service Specialists to find out what it means.
  • Compare our web site photos with your old part. If the photos of the item you are purchasing are available on our Web site compare them with the old part and make sure they visually match.
  • When our part arrives compare it with your old part. If for any reason it does not appear to be the correct or matching part, contact us to confirm that it is the correct part before beginning to install it.

Following these steps will help you in choosing the correct part to get the job done right. Failure to select the right part for your vehicle may result in repair delays, extra labour costs, or damage to your vehicle. Do not risk it. When in doubt, get answers from one of our friendly and helpful AutoShack Customer Service Specialists.