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How do Auto Parts Fitment Notes work?

How Do Auto Parts Fitment Notes work?

Buying Auto Parts for your vehicle can be tricky – especially when purchasing online, it is important that you get the right Auto Parts for your vehicle. Typically, you buy Auto Parts because you need them to either get your vehicle back on the road or to keep it on the road – either way, time is of the essence. Buying Auto Parts online is a very cost-effective alternative to purchasing them locally from a Dealership or Auto Parts Store, but there are some considerations. Shipping Automobile Parts across the country is both time consuming and carries a cost so it is important to get the right auto parts the first time. One of the biggest issues facing a consumer buying Auto Parts Online is that they are not familiar with Aftermarket Automobile Parts terminology.

Here are a few tips to help you find the right Auto Parts for your vehicle.
  • The “ALL TYPES” fitment note means that the Auto Part should fit all sub-models and engine configurations for that particular Year, Make, and Model (YMM).
  • If your vehicle comes with REAR BRAKE DISCS (also known as BRAKE ROTORS) then it uses Rear BRAKE PADS. This commonly refers to this braking system as “WITH 4 WHEEL DISC”. If you see Rear Brake Pads with the fitment note of “ALL TYPES”, it means it will fit vehicles with Rear Disc Brakes – not Rear Brake Drums.
  • If your vehicle comes with REAR BRAKE DRUMS, then it uses Rear BRAKE SHOES. This commonly refers to a setup with “WITH REAR DRUM”. If you see Rear BRAKE SHOES with the fitment note of “ALL TYPES”, it means it will fit vehicles with Rear Brake Drums – not Rear Disc Brakes.
  • Since 1986 (outside of Mexico), BRAKE DRUMS are only available as part of a rear braking system.
  • All vehicles (outside of Mexico) since 1986 come with FRONT DISC BRAKES (also known as BRAKE ROTORS).
  • The “WITH ABS” fitment note can refer to vehicles with either 2 WHEEL ABS or 4 WHEEL ABS.
  • The fitment note “SPECIAL HANDLING PACKAGE” is used to describe vehicles used as taxis, police vehicles, limousines, or other specially modified vehicles.
  • The STRUT ASSEMBLY – COMPLETE STRUT contains the strut rod, coil spring, mounting plate, and other parts depending on the particular configuration of the vehicle and installation requirements. Purchasing a COMPLETE STRUT ASSEMBLY will save you or your mechanic both time and money.
  • HUB ASSEMBLY - HUB BEARING, like Complete Struts, contain multiple parts, including the WHEEL BEARING, which makes installation easier and more cost-effective since there is no need to press the WHEEL BEARING into place. Most vehicles with ABS have to be replaced with a HUB BEARING ASSEMBLY.
  • You should always replace BRAKE ROTORS and BRAKE DRUMS in pairs. Failure to do so can cause uneven wear, strain, and can even damage your vehicle. Replacing STRUTS and HUB BEARINGS in pairs is also a good idea because if one is worn out, the other is probably close behind – replacing both at the same time saves you both time and money!